‘The Worst is Yet To Come’ – Winter Storm Is A Big One, Says New Jersey Governor

“The worst is yet to come,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Monday of the winter storm barreling down on our area.

“We expect new significant snowfall across central and North Jersey with up to two feet of additional accumulations possible in some parts of North Jersey before all is said and done. Our concern remains around the mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain as well as coastal flooding and winds.”

Murphy repeatedly urged for no one to be out on the roads.

“Find your way home, lock the door, sit on the couch and stay home until further notice. This is a huge storm. It’s going to be really bad for the next 12 hours, including winds with gusts up to 50 miles an hour. Please, please, please stay home,” Murphy said.

Murphy said each of the state’s vaccine mega sites are closed today due to the weather. The vaccination call center, will remain open throughout the winter storm — (855) 568-0545.

As of Monday morning, just 1,500 New Jersey residents were reportedly without out power, but Murphy expects the number of outages to go up based on winds and the amount of snow predicted to fall.

Murphy said that, according to the latest forecast, the snow is expected to pick up again throughout today and tonight before the system pushes away from us, adding that although they originally thought the storm would taper off Tuesday morning, now it looks increasingly like Tuesday night.

“I cannot be more forceful about this — do not be on the roads. Please let the crews do their jobs, undeterred and undistracted. You won’t jeopardize their work and you won’t jeopardize your own safety,” Murphy added.

COVID-19 Numbers

COVID-19 will not take a snow day, said Murphy, urging everyone to remain vigilant.

“Keep in mind that today we have another 3,656 cases to report along with 34 newly confirmed losses of life,” said Murphy.

He announced that the state had recorded a total of just under 800,000 vaccinations – a split between 664,548 first doses and 126,833 second doses.

Murphy also spoke of schools.

“Many, if not, most students have a day off today because of the storm. But I do want to note that over the past week, we continue to see the trend moving as we had expected away from all remote instruction and towards some form of in-person instruction, whether it be schools moving to a hybrid model or returning to all in-person instruction,” Murphy said.

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