Fourth Ward Councilor David Cummings to Hold Community Meeting with Lackawanna Plaza Developer David Placek

MONTCLAIR, NJ – Fourth Ward Councilor David Cummings will moderate a discussion with David Placek of BDP Holdings, the new owner of Lackawanna Plaza, on Tuesday, March 9, at 7:00 p.m. Residents will have an opportunity to hear Placek’s vision for the property — formerly the home to a Pathmark Supermarket.

The meeting will be available live on TV-34 and the Township’s YouTube Channel (

Anyone interested in participating in the discussion may do so by connecting to WebEx for the question-and-answer session:

David Placek

David Placek is the Managing Partner of BDP Holdings. He is an experienced real estate investor and developer with more than 17 years’ experience investing in more than $4.0 billion of real estate throughout the US. Mr. Placek’s expertise and experience include the acquisition and development of millions of square feet of commercial property and over 30,000 units of residential property including developing, investing, financing, and rehabilitating mixed-use, retail, office, industrial and multi-family properties in more than 30 states. He also has substantial experience with properties having environmental concerns or complicated legal and tax issues or structures.

David Cummings

David Cummings is Montclair’s Fourth Ward Councilor. His community involvement includes serving on the following organizations and committees: Vice Chairman Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation, Parent Chair Mt. Hebron School Action Team, member of the Montclair Board of Education, Montclair Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee, Montclair Neighborhood Development Center Policy Committee, and Montclair Civil Rights Commission. Councilor Cummings is currently Principal of DEK Strategies, LLC, a boutique consulting agency specializing in Digital Media and Content Communications Strategy. His client lists include the NFL, the Fritz Pollard Alliance, the Township of Hillside N.J., and Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation. He is a lifelong resident of Montclair.

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  1. We had a great grocery store, Lidl, ready to break ground. Basically this news is “hey, we’re starting from scratch again”

    This absolutely sucks. How does Montclair township just let a developer with literal years of planning walk?

    The 4th ward NEEDS a grocery store. We finally were close and the twnship chased away the only viable plan. Now we are the ones who suffer with not only a disgrace of an abandoned backlot ridiculed with graffiti and garbage, but now we have to wait YEARS again for a plan and approval.

    Back to square one. Great job Montclair, 4th ward and especially One Greenwood LLC and A Better Lackawanna who are the minority who decided to speak for the majority

  2. Say it isn’t so. I can’t believe my ears. Some developer will have a 25,000-40,000 SF grocery store coexist with historic preservation? Wow, the world isn’t flat!

    I our ethics-challenged Council, the Planning Board, the NAACP among others left no doubt this was not possible. No, we can’t have preservation and a grocery store. Absolutely no way. And please preservationists, get you priorities straight and stay out of the 4th Ward.

    That was and has been the message up until this week. Every single Councilor and the Mayor parroted that line even though residents and experts showed them it wasn’t true. They said, in effect, “fake news”.

    Now, the NAACP says never mind. Like it never happened. That they weren’t wrong. Grossly wrong. Abysmally wrong.

    Maybe Ralph was right, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

  3. I also think it is time for major changes at the Planning Board. We have a respected developer who lives in Town, watched the proceedings for 6 years, seized the opportunity to develop Lackawanna better and insists a full-service grocery store & preservation can coexist.

    The Planning Board never fought for a public good.
    They did fight the Council’s Redevelopment Plan – using preservation to help sink it! Then the PB sunk preservation.
    Then Council affirmed the PB choice. Or the Planning Board gave up on preservation once the Council’s resolution was received. Even though the PB is independent of the Council. Either way is bad. Very bad. It just got worse from then on. A real sh*t show.

    How can we expect either body to to do the right thing when they change directions like the wind? We can’t. We just have to hope the developer will do right by Montclair.

  4. Good news for the Council and the Planning Board members: while Lackawanna was going down the same road as Valley & Bloom…a savior in the name of Placek rose up…and they now get a do over! Or a resurrection. Let us now pay homage to a new narrative. A new history. NYC did the same two-step with those elevated train tracks in Chelsea. And what happened? Gentrification on steroids.

    I look for irony. There it was. The 4th Ward Councilor holding a community meeting for a 3rd party to explain, and back it with his money, how a grocery store and preservation could coexist…for the many attendees that might be those who said it could not.

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