Montclair Crime: Shoplifter Grabs All The 5 Hour Energy Drinks From CVS

The week in Montclair crime from Sergeant Terence Turner, Montclair Police Department:

Motor Vehicle Theft
February 24, 2021 (Madison Avenue): The resident reported that his 2017 Genesis G80 was stolen from his driveway during the overnight hours. A valet key was reportedly left inside of the glove compartment.

February 25, 2021 (Orange Road): Officers patrolling the South End Business District reported observing numerous graffiti markings throughout the district. Several township garbage cans, “Big Belly” containers, and electrical boxes were tagged with indiscernible green markings.

February 26, 2021 (Elm Street): The resident reported that his 2018 Infiniti was damaged after an unknown individual ripped the driver’s side mirror off.

Attempted Theft from Motor Vehicle
February 28, 2021 (Walnut Street): The resident reported that at 4:20 AM and 5:20 AM, their home surveillance device captured an unknown male attempting to gain entry into their vehicles that were parked in the driveway. The vehicles were locked and the suspect was unable to gain entry.

February 28, 2021 (Claremont Avenue): The manager of CVS Pharmacy reported that at 5:54 PM the suspect entered the store with a shopping cart, took possession of a disposable Hallmark gift bag which he opened, and proceeded to the center of the store where he began clearing the shelves of ‘5 Hour Energy’ drinks, which he placed in his bag. The suspect then fled the store with the items (which totaled $411.54), headed south on Pine Street.

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