All New Jerseyans Age 16 and Over Become Eligible For COVID Vaccine April 19th

If you’ve been waiting to become eligible to receive vaccination to prevent COVID-19, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced big vaccination news today.

“We are going to make our most aggressive push yet to meet our vaccination goals,” Murphy said. “Effective April 19th, two weeks from today, all New Jerseyans age 16 and over will be eligible for vaccination.

Murphy said that new eligibility date is 12 days ahead of an initial target date of May 1st.

“Given the trajectory we are on, we believe this is the right time to put our program into high gear,” Murphy said.

The news comes after concerns have been raised about variants spreading the virus; the possibility of another surge in cases; and a rise in hospitalizations in New Jersey among younger groups.

Gov. Murphy also announced today that the state has a new vaccine progress tracker live at

As of Monday, 1,796,798 New Jerseyans are fully vaccinated – 38% of the state’s goal of 4.7 million fully vaccinated adults by June 30th.

Murphy also said that fully vaccinated individuals who travel domestically are no longer required to self-quarantine after their trip or get tested before or after travel. A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their last (final) vaccination.

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  1. Beware of who & where you get your “free, free, free” COVID-19 tests (not vaccine).

    Just for giggles, ask the provider what they will charge your insurance companies for your free, free, free test. Ask them if they are also charging the insurance company for a tele-doc fee to give you your results….and what that charge is. I love this feature.

    Yes, you are not paying directly. Freee, free, free. But, the next time the BoE, the Township or your company cites the spiraling cost of medical care they are passing along, just remember this and take it. Don’t whine. Be adult.

    What truly amazes me is that none of the on-site or customer service reps of the providers can even tell you what the charge will be. C’mon people. If it was coming directly out of your pocket, would you agree to say, “just charge me whatever and send me the bill”?

    Anyway, for a giggle, just ask next time what they will charge your insurance company. You can do that, right?

    PS: enjoy your property tax increase this year.