Appellate Court to Rule on Montclair’s Rent Control Ordinance

Montclair, NJ – The fate of the Township of Montclair’s rent control ordinance will now be decided in appellate court.

Earlier today Judges Heidi W. Currier and Greta Goodenbrown of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division granted the Township’s motion to appeal Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Beacham’s March 16 ruling which ordered the Township Clerk to certify the Montclair Property Owners Association’s petition to put the ordinance on a ballot as a referendum question. The appellate judges accelerated the appeal and stayed the March 16 Order until further notice from the court.

The Township has until June 1 to submit its brief to the appellate court, the Montclair Property Owners Association’s brief must be submitted by June 21, and any reply brief must be handed in to the court by July 1.

Montclair Township Council passed the rent control ordinance on April 7, 2020. The ordinance would limit annual rent increases in the Township to 2.5 percent for seniors and 4.25 percent for other tenants, with some exceptions.

“The Council and I are very pleased with this decision,” said Mayor Sean Spiller. “Naturally, it is our hope that the court rules in our favor, and in the favor of residents currently subject to unconscionable rental increases. Our neighbors living in rented housing will be afforded greater financial stability to be able to remain in their homes and better plan for the future.”

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