Celebrate Earth Day By Volunteering to Spruce Up Montclair Parks!

MONTCLAIR, NJ – Volunteers will join Montclair township officials, Montclair Parks Recreation & Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee (MPRCA-AC), the Northeast Earth Coalition (NEEC), and park advocacy and service groups on Saturday, April 24th and Sunday, April 25th, for an Earth Day Park Appreciation weekend to green and clean Montclair Township Parks. MASKS ARE REQUIRED.

The 2021 Montclair Earth Day Parks Appreciation Weekend is the second MPRCA-AC event of this kind, giving volunteers town-wide an opportunity to collectively spruce up and beautify their communities. The MPRCA-AC’s first Parks Appreciation Weekend in November 2020 engaged over 250 Montclair residents to spruce up parks across all four wards. This April, volunteers will spruce up public spaces with a goal of collecting more than 100 bags of litter and compostable green waste from neighborhoods.

Volunteers spruced up Montclair parks in November 2020.

MPRCA-AC’s Earth Day Parks Appreciation Weekend is the culmination of Restore Our Earth – Earth Day Celebration Week led by NEEC starting April 17th.

This socially distant volunteer initiative’s success relies on the engagement of the MPRCA-AC, NEEC, our park advocacy groups, Montclair residents town-wide, and student volunteers.

“We look forward to bringing Montclair’s residents together to commemorate Earth Day by showing appreciation for the many green spaces we’ve relied upon especially heavily over this past year. The engagement of our volunteers during this past November’s Parks Appreciation Weekend was extremely encouraging, in particular the strong showing by the Montclair Public School student community.” shared Alliah Agostini Livingstone, Co-Chair, MPRCA-AC.

“Acting locally on Earth Day 2021, should be far more than a day of park cleanups. It must be a historic moment when citizens of Montclair rise up in a united call for the protection of our open public spaces. We must plant more trees, more pollinator gardens, reduce using plastic and reduce the unnecessary consumption of goods that are ending in our landfills.” said Jose German, founder of Northeast Earth Coalition.

“It’s so moving to see so many people want to literally roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and get to work to help make all of our parks even better than they already are,” said Councilman Peter Yacobellis, Council Liaison to MPRCA-AC. “Something that I’ve noticed in this pandemic is an awakening of a true spirit of service among the people of this town and it’s been beautiful to watch. Thank you to everyone who is helping.”

Interested in volunteering? Register at https://tinyurl.com/montclairearthday2021. For more information about any of the events included above, please email montclairprca@gmail.com.

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