Clifton Dentist Easter Mannequin Display Ransacked (Again)

2021 display. Photo: Warren Levinson

Not everyone is a fan of Dr. Wayne Gangi’s mannequin displays.

The Clifton dentist put up an Easter display this year, but the display had disappeared by Sunday morning, according to Baristaville’s Warren Levinson, who noticed the missing mannequins while out cycling.

A friend of the dentist working outside the property told Levinson Tuesday that someone mutilated two of the mannequins Saturday night and left the pieces at the curb. The entire display was taken down early Sunday, but both fans and opponents can expect a whole new display in time for Memorial Day.

It’s not the first time someone has vandalized Gangi’s decorations. In 2019, soon after the dentist, who became famous for his Halloween displays, began using mannequins in lingerie to create other holiday displays, the Easter display was attacked by a neighbor with garden shears.

Gangi, in 2020, said he started putting masks on the mannequins, to raise pandemic awareness.

Flamingos replace mannequins – for now.

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