Letter to The Editor: Celebrate Montclair Public Library During National Library Week

The week of April 4-10 is National Library Week. This year’s theme, “Welcome to Your Library,” invites us to discover, explore and experience library programs, resources and services that reach far beyond the walls of buildings.

The Montclair Public Library celebrates diversity, preserves history, enhances literacy, and benefits everyone. It pools local resources, from continuing education courses and job training to senior activities and ESL learning and puts them under a welcoming roof for all to share.

Our Library serves every age group — from young children and teens to adults, parents and seniors. The Montclair Public Library enables patrons to obtain books and videos from the BCCLS network, helps those who are looking for employment, provides access to the internet to those who cannot afford it, offers Home Assisted Services to those who are homebound and introduces prominent speakers to the community.

Whether you’re a family looking for a fun story time, an immigrant in need of language classes or a community member who needs help with taxes, you can all go to the Library. Our Library is truly a remarkable place where people come together to learn, share, and discover who they are and what they want to become. In today’s world, we need our Library and librarians more than ever.

We thank the Montclair Public Library Board of Trustees for their dedication, Library Director Peter Coyl and Assistant Library Director Selwa Shamy for their commitment and expertise, and our wonderful librarians who have made the Library and its services available to the public in the face of the pandemic.

Once the pandemic has subsided, we are hopeful that resources will be found to reopen to the public the second-floor non-fiction and reference library and the third-floor children’s library in the Main Library building, as well as our historic Bellevue Avenue Branch Library building.

Please join us in celebrating the Montclair Public Library during National Library Week by visiting, volunteering, contributing to the Montclair Public Library Foundation at https://montclairplf.org, or connecting with the Library at https://montclairlibrary.org today.

Irena Goldstein
Montclair Public Library Foundation

Edward Robin
Montclair Library Friends Steering Committee

Cordelia Siporin
Friends of the Bellevue Avenue Library

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