Montclair Mayor Says He Would Be ‘Fully Supportive of Moving to Elected BOE’

UPDATE: Vote Montclair offered its own response to Mayor Spiller’s statement.

Mayor Sean. M Spiller released a statement Thursday regarding an Elected School Board Referendum:

As Mayor it is my obligation to fulfill my duties and uphold the trust residents have placed in me. However, whether I as Mayor, or any Mayor should appoint members of the Board of Education, or whether those Board members should be chosen directly by residents is not a decision I can make.

That decision can only be made by the residents of Montclair.

Voters can and should be entrusted to decide for themselves what mechanism for naming members of the Board of Education will best serve students, residents, and taxpayers.

Even when there are differing opinions, I believe that everyone shares the ultimate goal of preserving our world class public schools.

I have the utmost confidence in the judgement of the residents of Montclair and would be fully supportive of moving to an elected Board of Education.

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  1. So, this decision “can only be made by the citizens of Montclair” as Mayor Spiller has “utmost confidence in the judgement of the residents”. Apparently, these citizen/residents ONLY be trusted to decide THIS issue. He has done everything within his political and legal powers to keep Montclair residents from getting a chance to vote on a draconian rent control ordinance, using aggressive tactics and township resources to protect a onesided and politically motivated piece of legislation.

    He has refused to discuss any modifications or even consider an alternate rent control ordinance supported by many residents, and seems unconcerned about the increased taxes the law will impose on many taxpayers. Mr. Mayor, why not let the people vote?

  2. The official rent control administration expense for 2021 is budgeted for $123,400. See page 15F of Introduced Budget. All fees collected will only be less than half as much an offset and will go in the General Fund.
    This does not include legal expenses.

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