Montclair Mayor to Hold Virtual Town Hall on American Rescue Plan

Join Mayor Sean M. Spiller for a virtual town hall on the American Rescue Plan and what it means for Montclair. Mayor Spiller will be joined by Senior Advisor to the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House, Luke McGowan, Chief Policy Advisor to Governor Phil Murphy, Dr. Zakiya Smith Ellis, and Essex County Commissioner Brendan Gill.

When: April 28th, 12:00 PM

Registration Link:

Sean M. Spiller, Montclair Mayor (Host)

Luke McGowan, Senior Advisor to the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Dr. Zakiya Smith Ellis, Chief Policy Advisor to Governor Phil Murphy

Essex County Commissioner Brendan Gill

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  1. I would like to see a discussion of using some of this funding for a senior center.


    I would also like to suggest we look at the NJ Transit, Township parcels, and Mountainside Hospital’s 2 valet parking parcels on Sherman to build this senior center and passive park space.

    This land is the most underutilized undeveloped public land in all of Montclair
    The North/South connector to Sherman is of minimal utility and is necessary to serve the deleterious surface lots. It is a pretty bad collection of Land Use Don’ts. Don’t believe me, go walk it.

    A senior center use would make a fantastic companion piece to the adjacent Essex-Hudson Greenway that dead-ends at Sherman. A senior center would be a good neighbor to the existing neighborhood. Also, kinda a nice gesture to them for that whole first half of 2020 thing.

    We can dream, right? Or so I have been told.

  2. Clarification: Except for the Mountainside parcels, all the public land is on Grant Street East.

  3. If you are a typical Montclair home owner if you add up your federal, state, local RE tax, and various sales taxes you are working 6 months a year for yourself and 6 months for the the government. The American Rescue Plan should increase the governments take to 7 or 8 months of your work. But hey! Look at all the free stuff you will get! Oh, BTW…inflation will eat up another months worth of income. Happy days are here again!

  4. Working 6 months / year for the government? Or for roads, bridges, Medicare, DHS, TSA, teachers and police, fire fighters, water purification.. shall I go on? You must be thinking of the republican’s favorite new place Russia. Now there is money that goes to the government. An honest mistake.

    The ARP will put money into those types of infrastructure improvements and perhaps Medicare for all. Slightly different from the 2T that went into the pockets of corporate execs in the 2017 tax cut for you know who and his friends. Oh wait that money was trickle down.. yeah right into stock buybacks and CEO’s bonuses. If that’s what you meant by government then you are correct.

    How about those real estate taxes? We have around 550 districts with that many superintendents, chiefs, and administrators. What would it be like if we reduce it in half and make 250 districts and cut those real estate taxes in half? Pennsylvania has close to double the population of NJ and less districts. Arizona population similar to NJ and 230 school districts. Put the focus on the problem not some right wing media talking points. Aarg.. socialism.. oh no. Well take away Medicare, probably the largest socialist program we have, and let’s see who complains the loudest. Give you 3 guesses. Inflation? You mean 2% in March and 1.7% in February? Hardly a big chunk of change although that many change as the economy surges under a real president. Hmm.. I thought the economy was going to tank and the market drop 15,000 points if Biden won. Not seeing that one. But you can still dream.

  5. Ah, yes Louie Louie, here we can agree! The anti-tax folk view taxation as the government stealing “their hard-earned money”. Never considering the benefit to all (as you say: “roads, bridges, Medicare, DHS, TSA, teachers and police, fire fighters, water purification”), and more!
    All good. As long as corruption and misuse stays at bay. That is why it is so important that the character and morality of elected officials matters. To do right by the public they represent.

  6. Louie….Pahleez! The government is going to spend that infrastructure so efficiently, right? WRONG! The money is going into the pockets of big donors. Remember all those shovel ready jobs? Solyndra? No inflation? Come man! Ok, big screen TV’s are cheaper but how about food? Go buy a sheet of plywood. Have noticed prices have gone up and the packages are smaller? Costco kept the price of paper towels the same but reduced the size of the rolls by 20%. Don’t trust the government numbers…maybe we need a refresher course from the 60’s…don’t trust the government. You may feel comfortable putting you and offspring’s future in the hands of a bunch of bought and paid for crooks but I’m not. Enjoy your 1400 dollar stimulus check while the big boys rake in billions. Is that coffee I smell?? (btw, on an investment note, “don’t fight the fed.” or in this case the fed and the printing presses. Just stay nimble when the bill comes due.)

  7. Dudes, dudettes, etc.

    You wouldn’t even have posted on this thread if not for my Senior Center suggestion. Admit it. I know…

    Seriously, if we don’t take the $$, you know Texas, Louisiana,etc etc will.
    And who really cares? We are not educating our students. We are graduating cohort after cohort without basic math fluency. Just give them an app and an iPhone (full disclosure – I own AAPL)

    Do you really think they will notice a couple of trillion more in debt? Seriously?

  8. It was only a matter of time until the deficit hawks came a callin’ once again. Solyndra the boogie man from like 2010? Is that all you got? Talk about grasping for straws. So the stimulus is going into the pockets of big donors you say? Where exactly do you get your info? Never mind I think I know. So let’s see, the 2017 tax cut that went to big donors (you did say that right) that was supposed to trickle down but in fact only trickled up to… yep big donors. That tax cut cost over 3000 times the bankruptcy of Solyndra. That’s 3000 Solyndras. Read that again and then tell me about the price of lumber and paper towels. The deficit over the 4 years of Trump increased 8 trillion dollars. And now all of a sudden you are worried about our offspring’s future? Where were you the past 4 years?

    It’s the same playbook time and time again. Deficits don’t matter when the republicans are in power. When democrats try to spend on $1400 stimulus checks that will all go back into the economy then OMG the children!! China will own us!! Give it up already. It’s tired and disingenuous. And that trillion dollar infrastructure plan that was promised on day one in 2017.. how did that work out for the country? And the best health care in the world is coming in 2 weeks and 2 weeks and 2 weeks and .. never.

    So I’m not interested in that burnt coffee you’re smelling nor is the majority of the country. A refresher from the 60s about not trusting the government? Try taking away Medicare and Social Security and then we can have that discussion. Old and tired talking points that simply will not hold up any longer. But I did have a lot of fun in the 60s, that I’ll give you.

  9. Louie, Do you think that the 1400 was free? Where do I get my my info? The markets, pretty simple. As soon as the tide shifted to Biden I bought some green energy funds and of course the biggie, a defense contractor fund. Guess what? The defense contractor fund is up 75%! Thank you honest Joe! Ike gave me the stock tip. The transparency of Biden being a puppet has been good for investing purposes. Have to stay out in front of the damage his policies will produce for the working guy. BTW, haven’t we paid plenty of money into Medicare and SS over the years? I know I have. On another note, I am not fond of either side of the aisle but I do think the Dems are worse because they pretend to care and people believe them. I prefer my wolves in wolf clothing.

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