Watchung Booksellers to Host Deirdre McNamer, “Aviary”

watchung booksellers

Watchung Booksellers will host Deirdre McNamer with local authors Ian Frazier and Jacqueline Carey discussing McNamer’s new book, “Aviary,” on Wednesday, April 28, at 7:30 pm.

“Aviary” is the story of members of a senior residence in Montana, whose mysterious connections unfold after a fire breaks out in their building. When the city’s chief fire inspector is called to investigate, he soon discovers more than a suspicious incident and finds himself delving into human nature and the personal and corporate greed visited upon the vulnerable.

A masterful exploration of the rich and hidden facets of human character, “Aviary” weaves a compelling tapestry of crisis, grief, and the mysteries of memory and old age. Register here.

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