American Dream’s TiLT Museum Features Interactive Optical Illusions for All Ages

Two people pose in the magic hot dog mural.Looking for a fun, interactive and creative activity for all ages? Look no further than the brand-new TiLT Museum at American Dream.

Two people pose in the Statue of Liberty mural.Step into world-renowned urban artist Tracy Lee Stum’s TiLT Museum, and you’ll be instantly impressed by the brilliant colors, beautiful paintings and variety of artwork inside the museum.

But, the true magic happens when you step onto one of the floor decals, instructing you where to stand, while taking a photo of your friend posing on a vignette. That’s when the hand-painted, experiential three-dimensional optical illusions truly come to life, and your perspective beings to tilt.

Using a technology called anamorphic projection, Stum and her team, along with five guest artists, created a unique and exciting experience with something for everyone to enjoy.

“My philosophy about the artwork is that, I can certainly paint a static image and put it up and it’s beautiful and that’s great, but… I actually prefer to make the piece and then offer it up to the public, so that when they interact with it, they take ownership of the piece as well,” Stum said.

A person poses in the arcade game muralThe museum features 25 vignettes, including murals that make it look like you’re: scaling the Statue of Liberty, a character in an arcade game, a DJ spinning records, a doll on a toy shelf or even enjoying the view of the cosmos from a space station. The Cabinet of Curiosities Illusion Room turns two visitors into specimens inside cabinets, while the Ames Room distorts the height of two people right before your eyes.

Two people pose with the DJ mural.Having museum guests take ownership of the artwork is what “brings the piece alive,” Stum said. “I feel like it’s complete at that point. So, I’m setting a stage and I want people to come and play and have an experience that allows them to tap into their imagination.”

Inside the museum is a workshop space which will offer art workshops on drawing, painting, airbrushing, stained glass and more, beginning as early as July. The space will also be able to be utilized for events such as birthday parties.


Two people pose in a space-themed mural.Who is Tracy Lee Stum?

Stum has been doing street paintings like those in the TiLT museum for over 20 years. She did a smaller, similar installation in Hong Kong in 2010 which brought people in droves, lining up for hours to play with the optical illusions.

“Because of that success, it became a popular idea to create these museums. I had, in the back of my mind, an idea to do this for the last decade,” Stum said.

Familiar with Stum’s work, American Dream brought her in to paint optical illusions in the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, DreamWorks Water Park and the Angry Birds Golf Course.

Then, Stum presented the idea of creating a TiLT Museum to the Triple Five Group, the owners of American Dream, and they loved it.

“They gave me this big space, a blank canvas, and said ‘design it,’ and here we are,” Stum said.

Two people pose in the Ames room.
The Ames room distorts people’s height.

The TiLT Museum operates from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturdays.

Tickets are: $20 General Admission $17 Military Discount (up to 4 tickets with active ID). $18 Senior Citizen Discount (ages 65+, valid ID required). Children two and under access the TiLT Museum for free.

Learn more about the TiLT Museum here or follow it on Instagram @tiltmuseums.

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