‘Evergreens’ Gets A Happy Ending: Montclair Family To Make Historic House A Home

It went on the market a little more than a year ago — a one of a kind, historic property in Montclair known as Evergreens.

Montclair History Center (MHC) announced Monday that they have entered into a contract to sell the property, including the historic Charles Shultz House, carriage house, and nearly two acres of land. The Shultz House was built by Charles Shultz in 1896 and occupied by three generations of the Shultz family for 100 years. Now a new Montclair family, who truly love the house and are dedicated to its history and preservation, are excited to become its new stewards.

Shultz House. Photo: Diane Israel

The house is protected on local, state and federal registers; Montclair History Center has also incorporated additional protections and is working with the buyers and the New Jersey Historic Trust to put an easement in place that will provide the house further protections. The identity of the new owners is a mystery for now, but the family, according to MHC, have plans to incorporate the Shultz family history into their home and will retain some items and furniture in the house. They have also expressed an interest in making the house accessible for special events.

During the time the home was prepared for sale, Montclair History Center’s volunteers discovered all sorts of treasures, that give a fuller picture of the Shultz family and Montclair in the first half of the 20th century.

Estate Sale and Auction

Many important letters, documents and some objects will be incorporated into a Shultz Family Collection in the Montclair History Center archives to tell the story of the family and Montclair history.

Many other objects will be available through Nye Auctions, beginning with a live online auction on June 2 and 3. LaSalle Estate Solutions will also be holding an estate sale on Thursday, May 27 through Saturday, May 29 (10 to 4 pm).

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