More Than 600 Sign Petition To Reopen Montclair High School To All Students

Montclair High School students, parents and guardians of MHS students, and members of the Montclair community have signed a petition requesting that the district bring back all high school students — not just 9th graders — for
in-person instruction.

The petition, started by Jessica Henry, states:

It is mid-May. We have patiently waited for Montclair High School to re-open. We have patiently waited for detailed communication and for responses to emails that never come. We do not know why Montclair High School has not re-opened. We only know that it has not.

Many of our own teachers, staff, and students are fully vaccinated. Most schools around the country and in neighboring towns have re-opened. We want Montclair High School to re-open, too.

We request the following:

1. We want the District to bring back ALL students now (not just 9th graders) and for the District to immediately share with the community the plan to re-open.
2. We want transparency and communication about why MHS has not yet opened and what the barriers are to re-opening.
3. We want a clear and detailed plan for a full, in-person re-opening in Fall 2021.

We need immediate answers and transparency from the District. Most importantly, we need our schools to open now.

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