Sponsored: Family Fun with Your MFEE Quaranteam!

The MFEE Amazing FundRACER 4.0

It’s BACK! The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE) swore that the Amazing FundRACER 3.0 would be the last. But after we’ve all been battling a global pandemic, MFEE realized it had to offer an opportunity to test all those skills you’ve developed in quarantine WITH your QuaranTEAMS!

That’s right. The MFEE Amazing FundRACER 4.0: Clash of the Quaranteams is coming on Sunday, May 23rd. Recruit 6 or less people (kids included!) to race around Montclair in a mini-version of the competition show The Amazing Race – minus the $1 million prize and the worldwide travel.

But, why race, you ask? We made it easy for you!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Race

5. You don’t have THAT much to do yet. (We’re still in a pandemic.) Maybe sports. Maybe an outdoor, socially distanced birthday party, but c’mon. It’s just a Sunday afternoon in May in our beautiful town. RSVP “no” on TeamSnap or Evite, and have some Covid-safe fun with your family and friends!

The MFEE Amazing FundRACER 4.0

4. You really don’t have to be an athlete or even know how to ride a bike. Maybe in previous years, when you heard the words “Amazing Race,” you thought “Spartan Race” and you were worried about competing against people like this guy. Sure, he may still sign up, but this is not the race he will win. Or come in third place even. This is a race for you and your Quaranteam.

The MFEE Amazing FundRACER 4.0
(Credit: Chanda Hall)

3. Your kids will think it is fun. After the year they had? They deserve it. One last family fun activity before you all ride off into the vaccinated sunset! This is not your grandmother’s scavenger hunt. This is a serious, family-fun version of The Amazing Race. (Bonus: watch a few seasons with them to get them excited! )

The MFEE Amazing FundRACER 4.0
Credit: Scott Kennedy)

2. The real reason: you care about Montclair and its public schools. Each year, the Amazing FundRACER brings together the whole town — principals, teachers, custodians, firefighters, police officers, families, business owners — all in one feel-good competition to benefit MFEE and our schools.

  1. The most important reason of all: A large portion of the proceeds from this year’s FundRACER will go to support MFEE’s vital racial equity work in our schools. Some of MFEE’s work to address opportunity gaps includes:

    • Working with Montclair Public Schools to identify and fill technology needs to support all kids.

    • Providing direct remote learning support to students through our PEEPs (Peer-led educational engagement program) and a new initiative, Navegadores Escolares, to support Latinx students and families.

    • Growing popular America To Me: Real Talk series into Montclair Community Learning Circles on Race to deepen racial literacy and spark thoughtful action.

    • Launching our Excellence in Equity Grant Program and developing an Excellence in Equity Coaching Team to support Montclair school teams (staff, administrators, and parents) develop strategic proposals.

    • Working closely with Dr. Morgan, the Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Curriculum, and Instruction to support the district’s equity vision (including applying to join the National Equity Project’s learning network of districts from across the country).

    • Ensuring the health and safety of Black and Brown students and families by launching a COVID Vaccine Awareness campaign shaped by and designed for these communities and that also helps register people for vaccines.

Sign-up your Quaranteam TODAY; space is limited.*

To learn more, visit https://bit.ly/mfeefundracer4_registration. And check out the competition so far!  https://givebutter.com/MFEE_AmazingFundracer_4

(*MFEE will follow all Covid protocols including masks and social distancing. There will be a staggered start to control crowds, and there will be no in-person spectators.)

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