Sponsored: The Amazing FundRACERS Are in Training! Meet the Quaranteams

Back in February, in the dark, cold days of winter, The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE) had a dream. It was a dream of one last glorious Amazing FundRACER — this time for the kids AND with the kids. Could it happen?

The Amazing FundRACER 4.0: Clash of the Quaranteams is on for Sunday, May 23rd at 1pm! 27 quaranteams — featuring over 100 members of our town — have signed up to raise funds to support MFEE’s vital racial equity work, all while racing around Montclair in a mini-version of the Amazing Race. From firefighter Natasha Richardson to pandemic puppy-whisperer Ferndog to our youngest kindergarteners, every team has a special story to tell.

Here’s a peek at 5 competitors. Learn more about the other teams at https://givebutter.com/MFEE_AmazingFundracer_4.

Meet Team Pandacorn Power

This quaranteam has been waiting for their chance to race, since they watched the dinosaur costume finale of the Amazing FundRACER 3.0. And now a race they can all do together! These two Nishuane/Hillside families and their girls have been podded up during quarantine, and the girls have honed their creativity by putting on plays for the family in the evenings. They are looking forward to bringing cheer and positivity to the race!

Meet The Greatest Gales: The Force of Four

Noah Gale and his aunt Maddi are back in the race for a FOURTH time — and they’ve doubled their team to create a fierce foursome with Maddi’s wife/Noah’s aunt, Reubena Spence, as well as his dad, Adam. Noah is a familiar face to all our school families: attending every BOE meeting, cheering on our teachers, and attending toasts to the teachers. And he plans to be a Nishuane K Teacher one day! Fourth time’s a charm, Greatest Gales!

Meet FMBA Local 20

This team’s coming in hot ready to show the competition why they are truly Montclair’s bravest…and maybe even the finest. The FundRACER will be a cakewalk for this incredible hero trio…although do they have what it takes to take on some of Montclair’s fieriest kid competitors this year??

Meet Team Rainbow Unicorns and Lambos

Hungry for victory after their top 25 Amazing FundRACER finish in 2019, Kendra and Marques Johnson have recruited their Nishuane ringers to secure the chip. Help this talented (and adorable) team find gold at the end of the Amazing FundRACER!

Meet Team Grodner

Team Grodner features students, a teacher, and an alumni! Judith, Jared, Ruby and Lily spent their time in quarantine honing their Fundracer skills, such as baking sourdough bread and rewatching the entire Star Wars saga. Representing Bradford, Renaissance, and MHS Class of ‘96, Team Grodner is determined to make Montclair proud!

These teams – and the Amazing FundRACER sponsors – are all supporting MFEE and its vital racial equity work. A large portion of the funds from this race will be used to fund and expand programs like PEEPs, Navegadores Escolares, Montclair Learning Circles on Race, Excellence in Equity grants and coaching team and more!

Want to support your fierce neighbors? Visit mfee.org to donate to our teams, sponsor the event, or sign up your quaranteam to compete, too! Meet the other Amazing FundRACERS at https://givebutter.com/MFEE_AmazingFundracer_4.

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