Bye Tree: Watchung Playground Loses Shade Tree (VIDEO)

Watchung Elementary School kids can’t finish out the school year playing on their playground because it is being torn down as construction begins on an expanded field.

A parent shared this video of a favorite tree, located behind the playground’s gaga pit, being taken down at the playground Thursday, while Watchung Elementary School children and parents looked on during after school pick up.

Watchung Playground committee parent Holly Shaw says the group has been repeatedly told that these trees would not be taken down.

Shaw says there are also safety concerns.

“The construction crew is using North Fullerton’s blocked off street during the time kids are being let out of school, crossing the street and loading into busses,” says Shaw, adding that there were huge excavation trucks driving on Garden and N. Fullerton Thursday while the crossing guard was telling them to stop.

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  1. This is getting funny. The you can’t make this up kind of funny.

    The Central Office, feeling some pressure, went & revised their Facts Memo. They added a breakdown of what space was going away and what spaces would remain.
    They wanted to show the math of of how the “mulched” area was increasing 25+%.
    Unfortunately, their proof also showed the play space overall was shrinking 39%.

    But Frank, the “mulched” area is bigger. Stupid me, but are we really using mulch to pad a playground?

  2. End of the day, it’ll be new and nice, the kids will be happy and everyone will move on. Everyone except for Frank who will point out that the replacement trees provide 60% less shade, (could have been 50% if the species had been more wisely selected), that 25% is less than 39%, that records show it is also less than 40% and that the past 5 administrations claimed 20% was more than 10%, but the 10% they mention seems to use a different denominator.

  3. I can say with 99.9% certainty that your post earned its way into my Top 10 funniest posts of the last 6 ⅓ rd years!

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