Four Montclair High School Students Shine at ‘Senior Moment’ Concert (VIDEO)

One of the things we’ve missed most of all during the pandemic has been live music.

Montclair High School seniors Bobby, Abraham, Destiny, and Ella have been performing together throughout high school. During the pandemic, they missed many opportunities to sing together before graduating high school and heading out into the world. “A Senior Moment” was an opportunity for them to sing the songs that make them happy and most importantly, sing with each other.

Watching them will make you happy, too.

June13, 2021Senior Moment Concert from Jocelyn Hassenfeld on Vimeo.

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  1. This is the best of Montclair High School. Whatever is going on with the malcontents, let us remember that much of what you get out of high school is what you and your support village pour into it. Let us continue to celebrate the best of MHS, SVPA, the the enduring legacy of both.
    Bravo Bobby, Abraham, Destiny, and Ella. “A Senior Moment” was spectacular!! Continue to “break a leg” wherever you go, lift your voices high, and show the universe what you’re made of.

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