Montclair Center’s Circle Blooms Until Fountain Flows Again

Photo: Montclair Center BID

If you are newcomer to Montclair, you may not know about the fountain that used to be the centerpiece of the circle where Valley Road ends at Church Street. The traffic circle at Church Street and Valley Road was recently redone to improve traffic and pedestrian safety at the roundabout. There are plans to ultimately return the centerpiece water element to the circle (you might remember these design plans created by Arterial).

In the meantime, Montclair Center BID, with approval from Montclair’s Department of Community Service, has beautified the circle with a temporary installation of colorful, flowering plants that has refreshed and rejuvenated the circle after a long construction phase and until a fountain can be installed in the space, says Jason Gleason, executive director of the Montclair Center BID.

“Our visual improvements committee had some money and saw an opportunity for beautification. They worked with Brookside Garden Center and O’Boyle Landscaping to get the project done quickly,” said Gleason.

Baristanet has reached out to the Township for an anticipated date for the fountain’s return; will update this post when we know more.

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