Preserving the Harvest at Home: Rutgers FCHS Launches Website Promoting Safe Food Preservation

Love stocking up at the farmers market but want to learn how to preserve farm fresh produce safely? Check out a new website designed to preserve the harvest, launched by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension’s Department of Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS).

The website provides free access to a bounty of preservation resources, including techniques such as freezing, dehydrating and canning in glass jars. Users will also be able to find reliable recordings, classes, links and tested recipes for some of their favorite produce.

“Unfortunately, not everyone knows the safest way to preserve their produce,” says Daryl Minch, FCHS educator. “Our aim is to help people gain a greater understanding of food preservation that is backed by science-based research and tested outcomes.”

Minch stresses both the ease of navigation of the site and the ultimate goal of safely preserving food at home. “The website makes everything easy to understand and most importantly, results in a safe and flavorful product. We hope our tips provide people with a safe and fresh way of preserving the taste of harvest while reducing food waste.”

Users may also visit FCHS on Facebook at @FCHS, Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Instagram at @fchs.rutgers to learn more and follow along with the latest updates and recipes.

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