Baristanet Profile: Jose German-Gomez

Name: Jose German-Gomez

Where do you live? In Montclair

When did you move there? 2000

Where did you grow up? I grew up between Puerto Rico, New York City and Dominican Republic

How do you make a living? OR What is your everyday passion? My professional background is in Accounting, Finance and Business Administration. I retired three years ago, and now I am a full time CEO volunteer for the Northeast Earth Coalition, an environmental and social justice nonprofit organization. You can find more about this great organization at

Coffee, tea or … ? I come from the Caribbean, and we drink coffee three times at day.

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend day? Visiting a nature preserve, museums, having a brunch in a good restaurant, and working in my yard.

What’s your favorite local restaurant? This is a tough question. We are very fortunate to have many good restaurants in town. If you allow me to mention more than one, these are my three favorites: Samba Montclair, Egan & Sons, and Faubourg.

What’s on your nightstand? Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen by Jose Antonio Vargas (winner of the Pulitzer Prize) and The Nature of the Oaks by Dr. Douglas Tallamy.

What are you listening to? I like all kinds of music, but I have found that nothing is more relaxing than listening Pablo Casals playing cello, or listening to Monserrate Caballe and Jose Carreras while sipping a glass of wine.

What are your current indulgences? Fried calamari! I have tried many local places but the best is from Halcyon Restaurant, in Montclair. I also enjoy seasonal local fruits.

What talent you would most like to have? The talent of making people feel happy and enjoy life.

What’s the worst-kept (or best-kept!) secret about Montclair (or your town)? The greatness of Montclair people, their generosity, solidarity and kindness.

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral? Every day, I am creating my legacy and the way that people will remember me, when I die. Some could say: He lived to the fullest, and he didn’t waste he gift of life. But those that who have known me closer, will remember me for the way that I touched their lives and the beautiful times that we shared together.


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