Montclair Ambulance Unit Medical Director Deployed To Surfside

Montclair, NJ – Montclair Ambulance Unit’s own Chris Valerian, a physician and MAU’s Medical Director, deployed to assist with rescue operations at the partially collapsed South Florida condo in Surfside, Florida on Thursday.

Dr. Valerian is on the deploying team, serving as a Medical Manager, and is expected to be helping for two weeks to keep the team healthy and well.

Chris Valerian

Dr. Valerian is also a member of the NJ EMS Task Force-1, a prestigious group of EMS people certified and trained to travel around the country to help in times of disaster. Board of Trustee member Jonathan Hirsh is also a member of the task force as are Chief of EMS Sean Coffey and Deputy Chief of EMS Christopher Kendall. Hirsh was last deployed to assist with Hurricane Florence and Michael in 2018.

“The MAU has been a shining light during COVID, and this really shows the level of expertise we have helping our citizens,” says Montclair Fourth Ward Councilor David Cummings, council liaison to the Ambulance Unit.

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