Create Your Own Gelato Dream Team with APEM’s Flavor Playlist Contest

Bloomfield’s APEM Creamery is known for its creative flavors and theme weeks — there has been Christmas in July and Italian Week this summer, as well as flavors inspired by all things New Jersey.

Now APEM is passing the baton, or in this case the scoop, to you, with a contest.

At the beginning of the summer season, APEM had a contest for a customer to create a gelato or sorbet flavor of their dreams; they selected one winner, created and named the flavor after her, and gave her a free pint!

It was such a success — and so much fun — that APEM is doing it again, but with a twist. This time around, APEM is inviting customers to create their own APEM flavor playlist! One (or several) winners will be selected to get their own day at APEM with all their flavors in the case and up on APEM’s flavor board, as well as two free pints!

The rules are as follows:

• Playlist should have 9-12 flavors

• Must include Vanilla and a chocolate-based flavor

• Must include at least 1 nut flavor

• Must include 2-4 nondairy sorbet flavors

• Seasonal flavors are a plus

• NO crap like Mountain Dew or Hot Dog

• Have FUN and impress us!!

APEM is asking people to submit their playlist via email: by August 29th, or swing by and submit their list in person (870 Broad Street in Bloomfield) when the store is open.

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