Get Out and Play! National Play Outside Day This Saturday, August 7

Did you know that this Saturday, August 7th, is National Play Outside Day? This decade-old tradition was started on March 7th, 2011, by Aaron Wiggans and Rhonda D. Abeyta, parents in Colorado. They felt that kids weren’t playing outside as much as they did when they were younger. They also noted that as adults, they weren’t getting outside for fun either. Thus, a holiday was born. Now, families around the country can celebrate National Play Outside Day on the first Saturday of every month, starting with this one!

“If we don’t make it a priority and plan it, it’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives and not enjoy the beautiful world right in our backyard,” National Play Outside Day’s website urges. This is probably true for many families these days, so a monthly reminder to get out and have fun could be just what we need.

Wondering how you can celebrate? The great news is that you can make the day as simple or as elaborate as you want! Hit up one of our amazing local parks or just go for a walk in your neighborhood. Whether your family is small or large, you decide to meet up with friends or hang out solo, anything goes…as long as you get outside and have fun. If you need some ideas though, we’ve got you covered! There are also some great outdoor play opportunities this weekend, including the Family Jazz Discovery Zone at Montclair Jazz Fest.

The 5 Minute Crafts YouTube channel from TheSoul Publishing’ shares a video full of crafts you can make to create outdoor fun. Highlights include plenty of bubble blowing, a DIY obstacle course, a ping-pong shooter, and more.

When it’s hot outside, playing with water and ice can be as refreshing as it is entertaining! Try freezing some small trinkets and toys in water, then use squirt bottles of water or salt to melt the ice!

If you’re looking for a more sustainable version of the water balloon, try these sponge water bombs. Cut regular kitchen sponges into strips, then tie them into pompoms. Soak them in water and toss them around. They’re reusable all summer long with no prep after they’re first made. If making the pom-poms seems like a lot of work (for busy parents, it probably is!), just use the sponges as is!

Shadow tracing is a great activity for kids of all ages and can be done simply with supplies most homes have. This is perfect for quieter moments when you still want to be outside enjoying the sunshine. Simply set up an object so that it casts a shadow onto a piece of paper. Trace around the shadow to create an outline.

Sidewalk chalk can provide hours of fun outside. Check out this blog, 50 Amazing Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas for Kids. There are ideas for a variety of ages and skill levels, as well as some cute setups for a photo shoot. You’ll also find some outdoor puffy and foam paint ideas, too.

Do you want more ideas? The National Play Outside Day website has plenty! You can read them all here. Whatever you do, have a blast outside!



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