Montclair Mayor Supports Afghan Resettlement in New Jersey

Montclair, NJ – Montclair Mayor Sean M. Spiller supported the call Wednesday for the Federal and State Government to welcome Afghan refugees.

“Leaving one’s homeland is a decision that no one makes lightly. The events of the last few weeks have forced thousands of Afghans to make that difficult choice,” said Mayor Sean M. Spiller

“It’s critical that the United States and the State of New Jersey accept our Afghan allies and provide them an opportunity to make a new life in America. It’s who we are as a country, and it makes us stronger.”

Spiller further noted, that as an established Welcoming Community, Montclair stands ready embrace all newcomers, including Afghan refugees.

“Montclair is a caring, welcoming community. Our diversity is our strength. Opening our arms to these brave Afghan refugees is a simple choice. Our values demand nothing less,” Mayor Spiller continued.

“In the coming weeks, in consultation with our partners at the State and Federal governments, I am committed to doing everything we can to make sure Afghan refugees are accepted and supported.”

Mayor Spiller added that he would support a council resolution affirming Montclair’s support for Afghan resettlement.

“This is a moment to demonstrate what we stand for by lending a hand to those who stood with us.”

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  1. Sadly, this is just another governing by headline move from our “leading from behind” Mayor. It’s enough already.

    Rather than worry about overseas, complicated humanitarian issues and welcoming communities, Spiller has been generally dead in the water with leadership here during covid — to help local businesses and residents survive. He reacted only under pressure and when it was safe after the demand parade had long started. And this unfortunately, remains his governing M.O.

    After being salvaged by the BID and local businesses along with the rest of the new Council last summer for non-action, the Mayor came out with a come-from-behind headline picture on Church Street months late, standing with the head of the BID. This was long after local restaurants and business were begging for temporary relief from parking regulations and outdoor eating changes (like other towns had already done) to make it easier for resident pick-ups and purchases. To keep those businesses afloat.

    Spiller’s then announced six month late November 2020 Covid task force was also too little, too late — with millions in earlier private and foundation money relief for communities lost and already given away — when other towns and cities were completely active in right out-of-the-gate pandemic fund-raising efforts then — to get more help.

    And as schools and parents imploded here over the last year, Spiller took a back seat — providing virtually no leadership when he could have instead used his bully pulpit and motivated now three BOE appointees to better help steer the ship. Calm concerns at the least.

    This is just more of the same — leading by show.

    Presenting oneself politically as a caring and welcoming progressive makes nice PR. More headlines. But getting the job done, answering residents concerns and communications — staying focused and being really involved in local policy…that’s what really counts.

  2. The Mayor had no problem moving his own resolution for the redevelopment of 6-10 Erie St (& 121 Forest St) with the 2nd by the Deputy Mayor. Which links back to the Deputy Mayor’s moving his ordinance to redevelop the Bellevue Theater lot.
    Fortunately, the gang that couldn’t shoot straight (the Planning Board), in their cavalier culture, just screwed this up. So much so that they have to start over and take 2 more months to say what the Council wants them to say.

    So, add a pervasive township culture of “the ends justifies the means” and thevlack of personal standards, both in government and with the residents. The Baby Boomers have fallen to new lows. But, no worries…it don’t mean nothing.

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