Montclair Schools To Discuss Reopening Plans at Virtual Town Hall, Thursday, August 12

Dr. Jonathan Ponds

Montclair School’s district administrators on the reopening committee will hold a virtual town hall at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 12 to discuss the reopening plan for September. Parents and caregivers can send in questions they have in advance by emailing by August 9.

Montclair Schools Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Ponds already addressed one question unequivocably about fall reopening at the July 26 Montclair Board of Education meeting.

“Now I’ll stop here and say, we will be open five days a week, six hours a day. Again, five days a week, six hours a day. We will have all of our students in — not in a hybrid model — but fully in school. Again, fully in school, five days a week, six hours a day,” Dr. Ponds said, repeating the statement several times.

Dr. Ponds emphasizing that school will be open five days a week and for six hours a day in the fall.

Dr. Ponds spoke of the impact of the Delta variant and said masking is not a political decision, but a medical decision.

“Doctors are saying to masks bring a great mitigation factor to the situation. For me it’s not a political decision is a medical decision. If our doctors tell us we need to have a mask mandate, we will have one. Currently we are mandating mask in schools and having students wear them,” Dr. Ponds said, adding that when it comes to a student who has a disability and is unable to wear a mask, the district must accommodate.

Dr. Ponds also said students will be able to engage in recess and expected to have more opportunities for outdoor learning in the fall.

Participants can visit Reopening Town Hall Meeting link on August 12 to join the meeting.

The next Montclair Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, August 16.

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