New Jersey Audubon Needs Your Help To Collect Bird Mortality Data

New Jersey Audubon is asking citizens to add to the scientific research on bird mortality.

They are concerned about the major decline in bird populations over the last 70 years: the breeding bird population in the Americas has declined by 3 billion (3,000,000,000) birds since 1970. In addition to climate change and habitat destruction, there are other major human-related reasons for these declines, and one major cause is that of building collisions, especially during the Fall migration period.

New Jersey Audubon has launched a program to ask concerned citizens to contribute to bird mortality research throughout the state. They encourage supporters to become part of the solution by getting involved in community and citizen science programs, like D-Bird, to gain a better understanding of bird collisions and other bird deaths in New Jersey. Starting in August 2021, New Jersey Audubon has launched a pilot program for the collection of data.

Bird enthusiasts can visit the website on either your computer or mobile device to post photos of birds that have been killed or wounded and to add key information – date, time and location. In addition, you will be asked to include other useful information such as species, age and sex if known to you; there is also room for notes. This applies to all bird deaths observed – by collisions with buildings, both high-rise and residential, by being hit by a vehicle, by falling out of a nest as well as unknown reasons. All data submitted through D-Bird helps New Jersey Audubon justify and advance science driven policies that can prevent future collisions.

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