Montclair Film’s Home at 505 Bloomfield Devastated By Flooding (Again)

Montclair Film was one of a number of Montclair businesses hit hard by epic flooding of August 2018. Last night, Montclair Film’s home at at 505 Bloomfield Ave was devastated by the flooding caused by Hurricane Ida.

Montclair Film posted several photos of flood damage, including this one of classrooms.

Montclair Film Executive Director Tom Hall writes…

We have suffered extensive damage to our Education classrooms and the concourse level of our building; this level opens up onto the Fullerton parking deck, which was inundated with water last night. Additionally, the main level of our building, which houses our Cinema, was flooded via rising waters on Bloomfield Ave.

These extremely heavy concrete platers normally sit next to Montclair Film’s Concourse door, but were moved several feet by flood waters. Photo: Montclair Film

As we get to work on recovering from this flood, we are determined to host the 10th Annual Montclair Film Festival and the launch of The Clairidge cinema in October, and we are hard at work on finalizing our plans for a great event.

We want to send our thoughts and best wishes to everyone who suffered as a result of this storm and wish you the best on a safe, speedy recovery.

We appreciate the enduring support of our friends, patrons, members, donors, and volunteers, support that has given us the resolve to keep moving forward. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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