Montclair Mayor Announces Vaccination or Testing Requirement for All Municipal Employees

Montclair Mayor Sean M. Spiller and the Township of Montclair announced Monday the implementation of required vaccination or regular COVID-19 testing for all municipal employees.

“The Coronavirus pandemic continues to pose a clear and present danger to public health” said Mayor Spiller. “In light of the highly contagious Delta Variant, implementing a vaccination or testing requirement for all municipal employees is a commonsense step we can take to mitigate further spread and help get us back on the path to recovery”

Montclair has already taken other actions the local level in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the creation of Mayor Spiller’s COVID-19 Recovery Task Force.

“Our community has been tested like never before. Through this entire pandemic, Montclair has demonstrated the caring, strength, and resilience for which our community is known. Safe and effective vaccines are the best tool we have in our arsenal to protect residents and finally put an end to this pandemic. We can’t afford to go back.” Mayor Spiller continued.

“In accordance with federal and state guidelines, and in concert with requirements enacted by Governor Murphy, Montclair must do everything we can locally to help protect public health”

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