Petition Started to Get Four Way Stop at Wildwood Ave & Park Street

An accident involving a Hillside School bus on Friday at Wildwood and Park Street motivated Montclair’s Zoe Martineau to start a petition asking Montclair Mayor Spiller and the Montclair Township Council to take action and create a four way stop at the intersection.

Martineau writes:

The Hillside school bus accident on Friday, October 15th was just the most recent and disturbing traffic incident that has taken place on the corner of Wildwood Ave and Park Street due to the failure of a driver to yield to the Wildwood stop sign. In the last twelve months, I have personally witnessed three accidents, and countless other near misses. An Open Public Records Act request for all traffic accident data on this corner has already been filed with the town clerk.

In addition to reducing accidents, a four way stop at this corner would slow traffic on Park Ave in the speedway between Watchung Ave and Bellevue Ave; it would also force drivers to yield for pedestrians. This corner is a pick up for students as well as the Decamp commuter bus and as a result is frequently congested with pedestrian crossings.

There is poor visibility for drivers on Wildwood Ave due to trucks parked on Park Street that even drivers who do yield to the stop sign appropriately (unlike the driver last Friday) have to contend with the safety risks of crossing or turning onto Park Street. A four way stop would eliminate that risk that drivers on Wildwood Ave often take when proceeding from this corner.

Four way stops have successfully been placed on Lorraine and Park, Van Vleck and North Mountain, and Gates and South Mountain, all f which have a similar volume of crossing traffic.

As soon as the OPRA data request is fulfilled, this petition, along with those traffic statistics, will be taken to Mayor Spiller & the Township Council for their consideration.

The petition, at press time, has over 300 signatures.

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  1. I agree that the major argument is roadway design. A 4-way stop can only be partial solution because the obstructed sight lines issue remains. I would simply ask that we seriously consider design options that address all users and recognizes the existing roadway characteristics. Specifically, we should consider narrowing the drives lanes with the addition of a bicycle lane.

    The solution to obstructed sight lines is to further reduce parking near intersections. Having parking on just one side will, for the most part, not be a major detriment. Such a bike lane would offer a safer route segment to both Mt Hebron, St Cassians, Lackadaire, and Watchung Schools…along with the MPL’s Bellevue Branch. Extended further along Park St to MHS would be the next potential segment.

    Or just stick a 4-way at Wildwood Ave and call it a day.

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