Montclair’s Little Daisy Bake Shop Celebrates 10 Years This Week!

It’s going to be a sweet celebration next Thursday, October 14th, when The Little Daisy Bake Shop marks 10 years in Montclair. To celebrate, the bakery will be giving out free slices of cake, temporary tattoos and offering a Mystery Box of customer favorites no longer on the menu, including blackout cupcakes!

Original Little Daisy location.

The Little Daisy Bake Shop began in a 500+ square foot space on Valley Road in Uptown Montclair and quickly moved to the center of the block, offering nut-free and peanut-free treats such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies and whoopie pies. Now The Little Daisy Bake Shop is ingrained in the community and is the official Bakery of The Montclair Film Festival, has supported activities at all the Montclair schools, MFEE and the Montclair Scholarship Fund. They were honored to do Yogi Berra’s 88th and 90th birthday cakes and a cake for Stephen Colbert’s birthday. Little Daisy prides itself on hiring a number of students from MHS, MKA and Montclair State.

Late Night’s Stephen Colbert celebrating with a Little Daisy cake.

Owner Jennifer Snyder, a Montclair resident, opened the Little Daisy in 2011, after baking for family and friends out of her house.

“I thought the bakery would be something I could do while the kids were at school,” Snyder laughs. “But after those first few 20-hour days, I knew it was going to be bigger than that.”

The Little Daisy’s nut-free offerings attracts customers from neighboring towns and from as far as Philadelphia.

“We have a family that makes the drive and they the whole display,” Snyder says. “They freeze a lot of the items and when they run out, they drive up again. We do offer shipping, but they like making the trip.”

The Little Daisy now ships brownies, cookies, and crumb cake anywhere in the USA. However, the bakery is most excited about celebrating its milestone with Montclair’s loyal and new customers, and its Little Daisy team on October 14th. All are invited to come for free cake and temporary tattoos. Tenth Anniversary Mystery Menu boxes are available for order online at

Little Daisy moved to its current location in 2013.

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