Montclair’s Laptop Upcycle Partners with Ramapo College

Laptop Upcycle is going beyond Montclair to partner with Ramapo College of New Jersey, but its mission remains the same — eliminating obstacles to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed in their academic careers.

“We are truly excited about and committed to our partnership with Laptop Upcycle, as the initiative will ensure our students are able to secure the technology they need in order to have the best possible academic experience and the greatest chance of academic success,” says Dr. Susan Gaulden, Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs at Ramapo College

Kicking off “Laptop Upcycle @ Ramapo” is a drive to solicit donations of used, working laptops. The entire program is student-oriented and student-driven: Ramapo Social Work students are helping to organize operations of the program and trained Student Assistants will make repairs and refurbishments. (Here’s how to support Laptop Upcycle @ Ramapo’s Fall 2021 Donation Drive (Nov. 16, 18, 19)).

Locally, everything works the same. If you have a laptop to donate here in Montclair or nearby, just send a quick email to to set up a pickup or drop off (Or, consider a monetary donation to Laptop Upcycle to help us expand the program locally and regionally.) Join the Laptop Upcycle Lab Facebook group to stay up to date or grab a spot for a lab session here.

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