Baristanet Profile: 2021 Year in Review

The more we get to know the people around us, the more neighborly our community becomes. That’s the goal of the Friday Profile at Baristanet. The weekly feature helps us learn about our neighbors’ talents, favorite entertainment, the area restaurants they love, and secrets about their towns that make living here an adventure. We’ve randomly chosen 12 profiles from 2021 to highlight, but please peruse the entire collection here: Baristanet’s Friday Profile.

Susan Andersen * Eddie Nicholas * January Levy * Ernst Goldman, Jr.

Michelle Bradley * Jennifer Snyder * Marcia Almeida * Jeffrey Butler * Kiahna Malloy

Monifa Brown * Anthony Lauro * Rená Ambrose

Do you know someone who lives in our area and would make a fantastic Friday Profile? Contact Kristin here with your suggestions.

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