Montclair Township Attorney Resigns, Sends Community Apology After ‘Stupid, Insensitive Remark’

Update: Ira Karasick has resigned. Read statement from Mayor Sean Spiller below.

Montclair Township Attorney Ira Karaisk shared a letter Wednesday that he sent to the four individuals who were present with him in Trenton as well as NAACP President Roger Terry, apologizing for what he describes as a “stupid, insensitive remark.”

The Montclair Branch of the NAACP had called for an investigation into the recent incident of involving comments made by Karasick following a court appearance in September on the rent control ordinance.

Read the full apology below:

We are in receipt of Mr. Karasick’s resignation letter.

Also, we appreciate Mr. Karasick taking the appropriate step of issuing a public apology given the offensive nature of his comments.

From the moment we heard of this statement being made, we engaged an independent investigation process and followed the legally prescribed steps, as it relates to confidential personnel matters.

I am committed to ensuring that any individual we appoint as our next Township Attorney is a positive representative of our township values.

Thank you.

Sean M. Spiller
Mayor ✺ Township of Montclair

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  1. I hope that the Township leadership demonstrates as much professionalism and wisdom as Ira does in this resignation by recognizing that the township has been abusing the will of the electorate who want the rent control issue put on the ballot. The appellate court has issued their opinion making it clear that the township clerk has been arbitrary and capricious in rejecting voter signatures. Stop wasting taxpayer money trying to avoid the constitutional rights of referendum.
    Charles Gormally
    Counsel to Committee of Petitioners

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