Mountainside Meals Effort To Help Feed Healthcare Heroes Returns

Due to the Omicron surge and rising COVID-19 cases, an effort to support healthcare workers has returned, with a reopening of the GoFundMe in support of the team at Mountainside Hospital.

Mountainside Meals organizers write:

In June 2020, we suspended it after you helped us raise $38,561 and send 11,960 meals to the people working selflessly at Mountainside Hospital to keep us all safe and healthy. By feeding and supporting the Mountainside team, you helped your community get through the awful first wave of the pandemic. The donate link should be fully active in the next day or two; please check back and thanks for your patience.

But today the hospital is again full of COVID-19 patients. The triage tent is up again in the parking lot and Mountainside community vaccination clinic has closed due to staff shortages and to limit exposure. Many healthcare workers have left the profession and the doctors, nurses, techs and cafeteria workers who remain often test positive themselves – which means double shifts and scarcer meal breaks for those working.

Entering the third year of this pandemic is disheartening for all of us. It’s especially demoralizing for people working on the front lines. There’s no longer nightly pot-banging or sidewalk messages – but there is again a need to show our support.

Please donate what you can and help our healthcare heroes know how much we value them. We will apply all donations to breakfasts, lunches, treats, whatever we can afford, again coordinated through Mountainside’s indomitable Florey Cruz-Cerpa and her colleagues. Our local businesses are again ready to step up with discounted meals, free delivery and enormous generosity of spirit.

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