‘Other Imagery’ on View at Montclair Public Library

The Montclair Public Library’s popular art series continues with “Other Imagery” on view in the Montclair Public Library Gallery, 50 South Fullerton Avenue, during Library hours from now until February 25, 2022.

This exhibit by local artists, Paul D Brown, Glen Frieson and Willie Kearney consists of both fine and photographic art. Held over for Black History Month, this show represents over 100 years of collective involvement in the capture of the ‘visually stimulating’.

“Other Imagery” is a look at the familiar and unfamiliar. Take some time from your busy schedule to see this collection of compelling artwork.

Paul D Brown

Beginning in the “late 60’s” with a “loaner” 35mm camera, that’s when the serious shooting began. Gravitating more towards film and video (super 8 and 1/2” b&w). Despite the shift there was always enough time to take a picture. Today, “Digital capture and manipulation is another world!”

Glen Frieson

In 1971, his mother bought him a 35mm camera and promptly evicted him! We are now at 10,000 assignments later, whose range is quite vast. Candids, architecture, points of interest and art as some of the subject matter. The imagery continues.

Willie Kearney

Embracing the American experience as his “here and now”, the art reflects the melding of the past and present in using both traditional and non-traditional media. The work also incorporates themes from major world religions. Now, Visual Poetry.

The Library welcomes inquiries from local artists and arts organizations regarding use of the exhibit space. For further information, please contact the Montclair Public Library (973) 744-0500 ext. 2221.

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