Petition To Make Lunar New Year A Montclair School Holiday Gains Ground

Petition to give Montclair Public School students a day off to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Montclair High School student Serena Lee, joined by the MHS Asian Student Union Board, started a petition to make Lunar New Year an official Montclair Public School holiday. Lee writes:

My name is Serena Lee and I’m a Chinese American junior at MHS. As an Asian Student Union Officer and active member of AAPI Montclair, the support from the community has been overwhelming this year. Today I ask for your continued support for Asian Americans in Montclair.

Every year around late January to mid February over a billion people celebrate Lunar New Year around the world. This year Lunar New Year is on February 1st. To celebrate, large family reunions are held and New York City has had Lunar New Year off since 2016.

Lunar New Year is just as important as other major holidays that we have off for in Montclair Public Schools. Every year when my fellow Asian American students and I go to school we skip celebrating one of the most important holidays to us with our families.

In solidarity with the quickly growing AAPI community of Montclair, please support asking for Montclair Public Schools to give students and families Lunar New Year off. Thank you so much for your time!

After hearing from students at a recent Montclair Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Ponds said in his weekly community message that he was happy to offer his support.

“I propose that our school calendar reflects this as an official district holiday (day off) for students and staff whenever it falls on a weekday. To memorialize this, we will ask the Board to pass a resolution designating Lunar New Year as a holiday,” said Dr. Ponds.

The next Montclair Board of Education meeting will be held on Wed., Feb. 2 at the George Inness Annex, 141 Park Street, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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