Snow Coming: Montclair Declares State of Emergency Effective at Midnight

Notice from Montclair’s Office of Emergency Management:

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for our area which will be in effect from midnight tonight until noon tomorrow. Total anticipated snow accumulation expected to be 3 to 6 inches.

Township Emergency Management Coordinator Rob Bianco has declared a state of emergency which will go into effect midnight tonight to support the removal of snow and any emergencies caused by the snow.

Residents are reminded that parking on snow-covered streets is prohibited by ordinance 327-25. The no-parking prohibition remains in effect for a period of 12 hours after the snowfall has stopped in order to facilitate snow removal operations.

Police will be ticketing and towing vehicles parked on the streets during this period.

Residents may park their vehicles free of charge in municipal lots and decks from 6:00 p.m. tonight until the streets have been cleared of snow.

A notice will go out to provide vehicle owners a 6-hour window for removing their vehicles from the lots and decks, once the streets have been cleared.

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  1. Snow Day!!!
    Tell you what, I just made the easiest decision since we moved to Montclair. We’re taking our kids out of the Montclair school system as soon as practically possible. Not much of a snowfall but that’s okay, still, the decision was made Yesterday not to open late, not to open at all, not to teach remotely, not to pretend this was about safety or Covid, not to explain or apologize, and worse and most irremediable, apparently not to have ever experienced shame. Shame on you, Montclair Schools. After everything these kids have been through?!! And parents too.

    And to think , the most prominent real estate on your home page is about your policy on Bullying! That’s rich. Bullying. Sophisticated folks know bullying takes many forms; your treatment of our children is one. Thank you for having made this decision easier than it ever should have been.

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