Glen Ridge Moms To Bring Light, Music, Support For Ukraine at Vigil Sunday

Glen Ridge will join those standing with Ukraine this Sunday at a vigil.

Due to frigid temperatures wthe moved our peace vigil for Ukraine inside the Glen Ridge Train station located at 228 Ridgewood Avenue. Please help us spread the word and we will see you all at 7:00 pm. Huge shout out to our Borough administrator for coming to our rescue and providing indoor space and coverage for our event. Heartfelt gratitude to Reverend Anya and our very talented performers for helping us send love and light to the people of Ukraine. Please consider making a donation to

When Glen Ridge mom Lucia Albarran Peyser saw the images of the war in the Ukraine she knew she could not be silent and wanted to do something locally to help all of those suffering.

Lucia and fellow Glen Ridger, Megan Giulianelli, as a demonstration of solidarity with Ukraine, plan to bring the community together to raise awareness and funds to help them.

“What we are seeing is horrific, the suffering, the magnitude not witnessed in a long time. It breaks our heart to see it and not being able to do more, so we just felt we needed to help, and we also didn’t wanna be silent about it,” Lucia told Baristanet.

They became more motivated after attending a vigil and concert in New York last weekend. They became more determined as more horrific images emerged this week.

“There was a case of the woman, Tetiana Perebynis, who was an accountant, a normal citizen, a contributor to society, a good person. She had a nine year old, Alisa, and an 18 year old, Mykyta, and she was trying to escape. And she was killed, right in front of the reporter from the New York Times. I’m a mom of a nine year old. And that, that shouldn’t be happening in 2022.”

“I was surprised there wasn’t much here locally to acknowledge what was happening in the Ukraine. This is a community that has come together before. We all gathered on the streets here and cried for the officer who died during Covid. We contacted a church and a synagogue to see if they’d like to be involved”.

To make this happen, they’d be going it alone. In a few short days they got a permit from the town and borrowed sound equipment from the library. After attending a fundraiser in Montclair this past Tuesday, they signed up musicians.

Lucia and Megan have made their vision a reality: a peaceful, candle light vigil to raise awareness and money for a Ukranian relief organization, RAZOM, currently providing critical medical supplies to Ukraine. The Vigil For Ukraine takes place this Sunday, March 13th at 7pm at the Glen Ridge Municipal Building (Bloomfield Avenue near Ridgewood Avenue).

Both women have indirect but relatable experiences to what’s happening in the Ukraine. Lucia’s husband Jeff Peyser’s grandmother was Ukrainian. Many of his family members died in the Holocaust. Lucia say Megan is from Syria and has childhood memories of the war and the damage to her home caused by bombs.

“When the Holocaust happened everybody said this is not going to happen again, right? And here we are again. It’s happening right now, innocent people, women and children dying. This can’t be happening but it is.”

Request from the organizers:

  • Bring a flashlight, a tea light or a candle, and dress warmly. It is going to be a very cold night as we send love and light to the two million Ukrainians who have so far fled their country on foot, and those who are displaced but unable to leave.
  • We are raising funds for Razom for Ukraine, an organization dedicated to providing critical medical supplies and to amplifying the voices of Ukrainians. If you are able to make a donation, any amount would be appreciated. Either scan the QR code below or click here:
  • If you’d like to help volunteer, or are a musician who’d like to perform or call Lucia at 347-684-1070.

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