Montclair Coffee Shop Has ‘Front Row Seat’ To Dangerous Watchung Plaza Intersection

Montclair, NJ – Local Coffee Montclair is centrally located in vibrant Watchung Plaza, making it a great place to stop for a coffee after a morning walk or before hopping on the train. Because of its location, Local Coffee also has a front row seat to a confusing and at times dangerous intersection.

Montclair mom Samantha H. discovered this firsthand Monday, when she and her daughter were hit by a car at the cross walk at Park Street and Watchung Avenue.

“Luckily the car accelerated from a stop. It did hit and knock me about four feet, braking just in time for my seven-year-old to not be run over,” says Samantha. “We were shaken and the owner of Local Robert Genovese brought us into his cafe to cry and pause.”

She contacted public works, filed a police report and said both Commissioner Brendan Gill and Montclair Councilor Peter Yacobellis are following up with Public Works about getting the right engineer to investigate that spot.

Meanwhile Genovese has taken to social media to share a petition calling for an expedited County/Township approach to a traffic study.

Genovese writes:

On February 2nd 2017, we opened our community-oriented coffee shop on the corner of Park Street and Watchung Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey.

In this location, we have had a front row seat to the extremely dangerous intersection that connects Park Street, Watchung Avenue and Watchung Plaza.

We have unfortunately witnessed several pedestrians struck by vehicles and a countless number of vehicular accidents.

On the morning of 3.14.22, we witnessed a mom and her young child struck by a vehicle. It was another horrifying reminder that the traffic pattern and safety mechanism for this intersection needs to be addressed now.

A resolution was recently introduced by the Montclair Township for a traffic study which is a positive step forward. However, with this following petition – we request an expedited County/ Township approach including:

1. Specific start and completion dates for the ‘traffic study’.

2. Specific start and completion dates for vehicular/ pedestrian traffic revisions to result in a safer environment for our community.

Sign the petition here.

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