Montclair Police Officer Suspended After Allegedly Using Racial Slur

Montclair, NJ – Montclair Police Department has suspended a Montclair Police officer after an investigation into the officer’s alleged use of a racial slur, Montclair Police Chief Todd Conforti confirmed Thursday.

“It came to my attention that an officer allegedly used a racial slur while in Atlantic City. An investigation was immediately launched, and the officer has been suspended at this time,” Chief Conforti said.

Montclair Township attorney Paul Burr would not comment, only to say that matter was under investigation by the Montclair Police Department.

“Racism has no place in Montclair. We hold all who represent Montclair to the highest standard,” said Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller. “It is our policy that any allegation of racist or discriminatory behavior will be swiftly and thoroughly investigated and where appropriate, action taken to ensure accountability. While frustrating, the specifics of any matter involving personnel cannot be discussed publicly. However that does not mean they are not taken seriously and addressed directly.”

Councilor at Large Peter Yacobellis said he was fed up with this series of incidents and shocked at the carelessness and stupidity that we’ve seen with some of them.

“I’ve had several conversations with our Township Manager who is working with our Human Resources department and benefit providers to develop and deploy broad tolerance training for Township employees this year,” Yacobellis said. “The costs are in the budget. The school district should speak to the actions they’re taking. But what I also want to say is that while training can and will certainly address unconscious bias and include groups or perspectives perhaps not covered in previous training, you shouldn’t need training for some very fundamental rights and wrongs.”

In 2021, a Montclair Police officer was suspended for violating the department’s Social Media policy.

Also in 2021, the Montclair NAACP also called for an investigation into remarks made by the township attorney Ira Karasick, who later resigned.

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