Montclair Raises the Ukrainian Flag

Montclair, NJ – Walk by the flagpole at Church Street and Bloomfield Avenue and you will see it.

Montclair is flying the Ukrainian flag in Montclair Center to show solidarity to the people of Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion. Montclair joins towns and cities around New Jersey showing their support by flying Ukraine’s blue and yellow flag.

Montclair Councilor at Large Peter Yacobellis initiated the placement of the Ukraine flag in Montclair in addition to the fundraising effort he started on Facebook.

“Over the last few weeks it’s been really hard watching what is happening to the largest democracy in Europe and the innocent people there. But it’s also been inspiring to witness the resolve of the people of Ukraine too. On behalf of Ukrainian Americans living in Montclair, my colleagues and I wanted to make a powerful statement in a show of solidarity and do it in a place where many people would see it to send the larger message that we are with the people of Ukraine,” says Yacobellis.

“I also want to thank the over 300 people who donated over $25,000 to my fundraiser to get 500 mobile medical units to refugee camps in the countries that border Ukraine to the west. Montclair’s collective heart is really beautiful to see,” Yacobellis adds.

Earlier this month, Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law bipartisan legislation banning state and local governments from working with businesses associated with the Russian or Belarusian governments.

You can also help support Ukraine by donating to Doctors without Borders, American Red Cross and to Ukrainian relief efforts and donation drives.

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  1. Thank you to the Council, and Councilor Yacobellis, for this marvelous gesture. While we’re at it, there is a flag that is pale blue with a white crescent moon and a five-pointed star that is flown in protest by the government in exile of East Turkestan and most often associated with the Uyghers, a people whose subjugation through slave labor, sterilization, re-education, and ultimately genocide, by China, has been well-documented and is just as hard to ignore as the Ukrainian war crimes, particularly if you happen to be a Uygher. Since China refuses to admit they are doing any of this (sounds a little like Putin, no?) the world does not call it war crimes. But do general crimes against humanity get a flag at Montclair Center? And by the way, don’t we have a Sister City in China like we used to in Russia, from whom we can valiantly sever ties? If not, I propose going out an getting a Sister City, and then severing ties. That’s how you do it!

  2. Gordo, Shall we add in a Tibetan flag as well? We should. The Chinese are destroying the last pristine landscape on the planet with rare earth mining (Enjoy your Teslas! What you don’t see won’t hurt you) Even worse they are destroying Tibetan culture and slowing eliminating a race of people. The oppression I witnessed there was sad. I also didn’t enjoy being spied on 24/7. We have it good in America….at least for now.

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