Remembering Nicky Mesiah

Nicky Mesiah

Montclair, NJ – Her gourmet toffee was legendary and so was her smile.

Montclair is mourning the passing of Nicky Mesiah, known to many fans as Miss Nicky.

Community service was important to Mesiah, who was a familiar face in Montclair and an active contributor, lending her time and talent to countless organizations.

Mesiah has shared so much with so many, including the readers of Baristanet, from her trip to the inauguration of President Barack Obama to her creation of her healthy BFE cookies.

She recently was one of the featured faces launching Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road Beauty in Montclair.

Brown writes…”With a heavy heart I’m so saddened to report we lost a dear friend and wonderful woman @bfecookies will miss your upbeat bubbly persona and your gifted toffees and cookies. My heart goes out to her family who she spoke about always. Rest in power friend.”

She was also previously featured in Brown’s “Be Who You Are” campaign.

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  1. Montclair Facebook blew up this morning when the news of Nicky’s passing began to reverberate and friends all over town reeled at the news. I have known her for years; she attended potlucks at my pool club, Thanksgivings and seders at my house; she even named a special cookie in my honor when she learned I had breast cancer — and still I never had a clue that she was dying of the same disease. Nicky literally brought sweetness with her wherever she went, in the form of healthy cookies and insanely-addictive toffee. And that unforgettable smile! But she was no pushover, and had strong opinions about lots of things — about food, dieting, sisters and marriage — which she expressed with vigor. I loved her fierce independence, her lack of the need for a husband, and the fact that she created a family of her friends and her friends’ families. She leaves a huge hole. When we have Passover this year, it won’t be Elijah that we think of. It will be Nicky.

  2. Wow. Sad news indeed. Like so many others, once you spent some time with Nicky you were friends. Life is short, enjoy everyday

  3. So sad. A long time friend and great contributor to both the spirit and the Montclair ethos. She will be greatly missed.

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