Aging In Montclair Presents Ken Schuman, author of The Secret Life of Michelangelo

AIM’s Saturday Social on April 30 at 4 pm will feature Ken Schuman speaking on his research into the life of Michelangelo. Schuman became interested in this artist’s “secret life” while researching his 2016 publication The Michelangelo Method, a personal development book that invites readers to draw inspiration from the life and work of Michelangelo to help find their inner masterpieces. He learned that the Renaissance artist had strong political and religious viewpoints that made him a target of political enemies as well as the Italian Inquisition that arose in response to the rise of Protestantism. Expressing these opinions openly could have led to his imprisonment or assassination by political enemies.

Because Michelangelo was curiously silent about the meanings of details in his works, Schuman explains, “I began to examine (his) masterpieces to see whether he expressed his views in his work. I found that he did.” Some art historians have discovered these hidden meanings, but none had done an extensive survey of these messages or examined their historical context. Schuman wrote The Secret Life of Michelangelo, published in 2020, to address these gaps. During his presentation, he will share messages that are in plain sight in Michelangelo’s art and invite audience members to look for clues to the artist’s opinions in his works.

Ken Schuman earned a BA in History from Hamilton College, an MBA from Columbia University and an MSW from Hunter College and studied Art History at the University of Madrid. He began his career as a NYC public school teacher followed by executive director positions in NYC social services agencies. He served as an Assistant to the Mayor under Mayor Ed Koch and as NYC Commissioner for Economic Development. Other positions include VP for Corporate Finance at Lehman Brothers and President of American Newlands Inc. With his wife, journalist Wendy Schuman, Ken has developed Careers Transition LLC, NJ, which provides life and career coaching to young people entering the job market.

To attend this program, the community is invited to email AIM at or call (973) 707-5088 by April 28th to receive a zoom link.

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