Montclair Library Gallery Presents ‘Shattered’ – 40-Year Isaac Stackell Retrospective

Montclair, NJ – Commercial and fine-art photographer Isaac Stackell presents a 40-year retrospective photographic exhibit, titled “Shattered,” at the Montclair Public Library gallery at 50 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, from May 2 – 27, 2022 during Library Hours.

Why “Shattered”? Because all of us experience traumas that lay us low or send us staggering through life. We reflect, pick up and glue together the best pieces of ourselves. We discard the shards that no longer fit. We continue on with hope and a newly-skewed sense of humor.

Stackell’s personal work has appeared in exhibits around the country. This is his fourth solo retrospective exhibit since 2009.

Time Exposure of Hammer Smashing Glass

The subject matter in his photos range from straightforward landscapes, to whimsical portraits and wordplay images, to Community Theater. Stackell prefers a crisp and realistic image but will veer occasionally in the blurred and surreal.

The Library welcomes inquiries from local artists and arts organizations regarding use of the exhibit space. For further information, please contact the Montclair Public Library (973) 744-0500 ext. 2221.

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