Will You Travel Without A Mask? Mask Mandate Lifted On NJ Transit, Amtrak and Many Airlines (POLL)

Many may still continue to wear them, but masks are no longer required on New Jersey Transit effective today.

“The Transportation Security Administration [TSA] announced that it will no longer enforce a mask mandate in public transportation settings. Masks will no longer be required on NJ TRANSIT and by South Jersey Transportation Authority. Individuals may wear a mask based on personal preference, informed by personal level of risk,” said Gov. Phi Murphy in a statement Tuesday.

The news comes shortly after a Florida federal judge through out the mask mandate for public transportation. Many airlines immediately made masking optional after the mandate was struck down, including Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue.

Many spring break travelers who may have had to wear a mask to their destination will not be required to upon return. The CDC still recommends that people wear masks in indoor transportation settings. What will you do?

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  1. Two thirds, generally, of the people of Montclair will not give up their masks. That sounds about right. Odd isn’t it, 62% to 35% is nearly the exact percentage of registered democrats and republicans, respectively, in Montclair. Does it suggest that 2/3 of our fellow citizens are terrified of Covid, or terrified of Fox? Some statistics just beg for us to fill in our little Rorschach blottings of life in Montclair. This is one of them.

  2. Funny, Gordo! I go to Acme, no mask, but if I need to get something at that supermarket further north on Valley Road (actually, re-phrase that…if I want to pay more for something and I go to that supermarket further north on Valley Road) I get the dirtiest looks from customers. It’s not worth glaring back, but it is hilarious.

  3. Simplex, then I suggest that you turn right when exiting Acme and avoid Kings altogether. This way, you will spend less and won’t be greeted with all those dirty looks. BTW, Marjorie Taylor Greene being cross examined on C-SPAN. She wouldn’t shop at Kings either.

  4. simplex,

    Of all the circumstances you could have used to throw shade, you picked King’s? Really?

    Do you not have any short-memory?

    Did you go around breathing all over Montclair’s police officers and firefighters back in March & April, 2020? Did you visit the MVAU then just so you could show them you don’t need no damn mask? Of all the places that stayed open…and the Local, State & Federal governments said these workers don’t need high-quality masks…you picked a grocery store to make your point?

    Of all of the dirtiest of the dirtiest looks we are absolutely capable of in this town, at all the places, people had the moral temerity to give you some there? Really?

    Who are these people that gave you the dirtiest of the dirtiest of looks? Right, sorry – the ones wearing masks…and hiding their scowls.

    Any description? I see a lot of old people always going in and out. They are already angry and have extra time for lengthy, non-verbal communication. I generally find the 40-ish grocery store shoppers quite oblivious of their surroundings, so I’m eliminating them. The 30-ish are doing all they can to read their digital shopping lists and coral their tykes.

    Are these dirtiest of dirtiest looks happening in one particular aisle, e.g. in the very expensive fresh organic produce section? Is the processed food section safer? The Coke & Pepsi Corp aisle are a non-judgmental zone, so you are safe there.

    I know – was it one of those MHS teams collecting money for whatever they collect money for?

    Please give more details! We need to construct a profile and get this out to like-minded folk in our little slice of heaven.

  5. Wow, Frank, I touched a nerve. My apologies, I guess I could have been a little nicer. And I’ll apologize to Kings right now too. You’re right. I can do better.

    But now, ah Silverleaf, Marjorie Taylor Greene? Perhaps it’s progress when in a snit one doesn’t reflexively mention Hitler every time. I guess Greene is the new Hitler. My apologies to you, too.

    But a sad image comes to mind reading what you wrote and particularly when you wrote it: It’s Earth Day, April 22, 12:31 pm, you’re eating lunch (maybe generic top ramen, King’s, $3.63 each single cellophane packet?) and stewing over some dumb comment someone like me made on this site, and the tv is on and you’ve just switched over to C-SPAN and are expecting something else, maybe a special on Eleanor Roosevelt, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is on! How preposterous, that they would even allow it. No wonder you’re in such a bad mood. And to think, a perfectly terrible waste of another Earth Day.
    C-SPAN, of all the culprits.

    I’m almost tempted to say Frank handled it better.

  6. No worries simplex. I think King’s will be shutting it doors here in the not too distant future. The last two years have been quite tumultuous for them. How many doors are still open? I think we are seeing the Sears/Kmart strategy here in our little hamlet. Anyway, they’re all be shopping with you at Acme soon.

    The redevelopment potential is quite high. Councilor Hurlock will get the Finance Committee to say it is an Area In Need of Redevelopment. I mean, all one has to do is look at The Blight at the top of the Williams-Sonoma Bldg. Speaking of W-S, I wouldn’t buy anything there (can you still buy there or just pickup?) with more than a 1-year guarantee. But, there is a gas station! Surface parking! The EDC can rubber-stamp a Redevelopment Study. County & Township can narrow the South Parkman-wide Valley Road to give diners @ Marcel some room to spread out.
    Of course, my favorite change would be that real estate company with illuminated 10×14″ photos in their windows. In windows set back 30′ from the sidewalk and therefore outside of reading range. Lastly, the Council can make Upper Montclair a Transit Village encompassing everything from the Hawk Watch to Applegate’s. I just can’t decide if 6 stories is enough. I guess it depends on where we place the parking deck. Yup, and the Bellevue Theater will be the go-to refuge for the nostalgic.

  7. Simplex – I neither mentioned nor inferred Hitler. Ironically, you did. You made the connection. You know what they call that, don’t you?

    Your fantasy/projection of me on Earth Day eating “generic top ramen, King’s, $3.63 each single cellophane packet?”, whatever that means, is at best sophomoric, at worst infantile, not worthy of adult discourse. That is, I am assuming you are an adult, but not altogether sure.

    And yes, as you say, “some dumb comment someone like me made”, but certainly, to your dismay, not “stewing”. Not even mildly simmering

    For you to even mention Mrs. Roosevelt and MTG in the same sentence is the real offense here! Most likely you cannot recognize that.

    Lastly, my Earth Day was not wasted. I stopped to smell the flowers on Valley Road between Acme and Kings.

  8. Montclair’s case count is currently the same as mid-December and and also similar uptrend. Not rapid. Not steep. Just a steady climb as we hit May In Montclair. Montclair only lost 2 people during last Winter’s spike. The chances are very small Big Blue will lose anyone during this one.

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