Montclair Gets New Casual Flatbread Eatery – worldFLATS

Montclair, NJ – worldFLATS, a fast-casual restaurant where flavorful flatbread creations take center stage, has opened its third location in Montclair at 58 Church Street.

Known in Armenia as lavash, the flatbreads at worldFLATS are softer and more pliable than a traditional flatbread and commonly circular in shape. Flats can be eaten “flat” like a pizza or folded in wrap form.

The menu is vegetarian and vegan-friendly offering 11 varieties of flats inspired by cuisine and spices from around the world. Popular menu options include the Roma, Athena and Rio Grande.

Also on the menu are vegetarian soups, salads, desserts, and the option to add plant-based proteins to most menu items. To drink, try a Shadlav (Armenian Yogurt drink) or house-made Agua Frescas (fruit infused water with a touch of agave).

Owners Zareh and Nvair Beylerian chose to give up eating meat five years ago. For the couple, the most challenging thing wasn’t giving up steak or burgers, but rather Armenian food like lahmajun from their childhood. Lahmajun is a millennia-old Armenian/Arabic/Turkish staple made of ground lamb mixed with minced tomato, parsley, onion, and peppers and spread on thin lavash bread before it’s baked in a wood-burning oven.

Nvair experimented in her home kitchen to make a lahmajun substitute by replacing the meat with brown lentils — and voila, the first recipe for worldFLATS was born.

“I love it when a customer tells me that they don’t miss the meat and especially when someone reports that when they took dinner home to their family and it wasn’t revealed that it was plant-based until after they ate! They’re usually very surprised and ask for more.” added Nvair Beylerian.

Customers can dine-in, pick-up, or order online for delivery within a 5-mile radius of the Montclair restaurant. The menu and friendly customer service are seamless no matter how you order your flats.

worldFLATS, 58 Church Street, Montclair

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  1. I will say a plant based, sensory equivalent to lahmajun offers hope that all is not lost for humankind.

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