Montclair High School Rowing Team Takes Gold at 2022 Garden State Scholastic Championships

2022 MHS Rowing Men’s 2V8

Montclair, NJ – The Montclair High School Rowing Team has kicked off its Spring 2022 season and hit the water strong. Regattas have finally returned with full capacity and spectators are filling the riverbanks again to cheer on their beloved crews.

2022 MHS Rowing Men’s Freshman 8

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the Garden State Scholastic Championships took place this past Saturday on the Cooper River, in Camden, New Jersey with 45 New Jersey high schools competing and over 240 boats racing for their chance to secure the coveted State Championship title in their respective category. In Montclair rowing tradition, they were a clear standout with 9 of their 10 boats reaching the finals and 7 walking away with medals, including four more state championship golds, one silver, and two bronze finishes. This is now 61 State Championship titles in their program arsenal and puts them in strong position for Nationals on May 27th, 2022. (A comprehensive list of wins, categories and athletes can be found below).

2022 MHS Rowing Women’s Freshman 8

“We are so happy to be racing at States again,” said Head Coach Jeremy Michalitsianos. “It’s been a tough couple of years for our athletes and our sport with Covid’s stops and starts, and we are extremely proud of the entire team for their performance here today. They’ve trained hard and winning four State Championship titles makes us very happy. The boys winning the points trophy for the third time in Montclair history is also a proud accomplishment for us. Now we set our sights on Philadelphia Cities, Stotesbury and SRAA Nationals.”

2022 MHS Rowing Men’s 1V 8

The Montclair High School Rowing Team has a long legacy of winning national and international championships – a huge feat for a public high school rowing team which competes in a landscape of prestigious, privately funded prep schools and clubs. The program which celebrates its 20-year anniversary this year is rich in diversity, talent, and spirit and comprised of high achieving student athletes who are consistently recruited and accepted into the most prestigious universities in the country every year.

2022 MHS Rowing Girls JV 4+

Under the guidance and training of internationally experienced coaching duo, Jeremy Michalitsianos and Lorna Rundle, Montclair Rowing has won countless Championships and is considered one of the most respected scholastic rowing programs in the country. In the 2020-21 season alone, they were Stotesbury Champions, SRAA Champions, and Philadelphia City Champions and are well positioned to build on this winning legacy in 2022.

2022 MHS Rowing Men’s JV 4+

Given their recent success at the Garden State Scholastic Championships, Montclair isn’t showing signs of slowing down and is well positioned as they look to the Philadelphia City Championships, Mid-Atlantic Junior Regional Championships, Scholastic Rowing Association of America’s (SRAA) National Championships, the Stotesbury Cup, and US Rowing’s Youth National Championship in Sarasota, Florida before they close their season in June.
To follow their schedule, learn more or sign up for any of their rowing programs, visit today.

2022 Boys Team

Registration is also now open for Montclair Rowing’s Summer Camp program, open to all Montclair Public School students interested in learning more about the sport. For questions, please reach out to Coach Lorna Rundle at

2022 MHS Rowing Women’s JV 8

Montclair High School Results

Men’s 1V 8 – 1st place, 4:36.18s finish beating second crew by over 11 seconds [Lucas Young, Gus Moore-Manakas, Nate Loewy, Xav Gagnon, Sam Welsh, Zack Troeller, Colin Phariss, Aidan Brown, Alex Stamas (Cox)]

Men’s 2V 8 – 1st place, 4:45.44s finish beating second crew by over 16 seconds, [Ezekiel Snyder, Salif Traore, George Harb, Tripp Pitera, Seraj deCaires, Hayden Hummel, Zaire Williams, Jonah Scher, Carly Knutzen (Cox)]

Women’s JV8 – 1st place, 5:17:54s finish beating second crew by over 7 seconds, (Alex Gawler, Eliza Bender, Eleanor Pitera , Sage Santora, Lillian Harb, Isabella Sena, Ella Loscalzo, Ella Algar, Maxine Guerra (Cox)]

Women’s Freshmen 8 – 1st place, 5:32:10s finish beating second crew by over 5 seconds, [Madeleine Young, Mia Gurtman, Ella Kondic, Olive Sterry, Ava Lane, Aurora Auld, Sonia Haynes, Isla Gladstone, and Lyla Hedgepeth (Cox)]

Men’s JV4 – 2nd place (5:22.83s), [Jacob Kugelmass, Emerson Conk, Ed Burns, Logan Bateman]

Women’s JV4 – 3rd place
(6:24:96s) [Ella Makin, Sophia Reynolds, Olivia Langton, Catherine Davis, Katrina Jumadiao (Cox)]

Boy’s Freshman 8 – 3rd place
(5:03:40s) [Dawson Chacon, Boden Pirkle, Zach Singer, Oscar D’Amato, Joseph Walker, Ian Mulcahy, Alek Macwilliams, Julian Leff, Avril Callanan (Cox)]

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