Montclair Public Library To Show ‘Ukrainian Roots: Art by the Diaspora’

MONTCLAIR, NJ — Four Ukrainian artists-activists living in the US will feature their work at the Montclair Public Library Art Gallery (50 South Fullerton, Montclair) from June 1-30. (See accompanying poster.) The show is entitled, Ukrainian Roots: Art by the Diaspora. Work will include original paintings, photography, ceramics and prints. All work will be for sale; artists will donate portions of their sales to the Ukrainian war effort of their choice.

All artists have lived and created work informed by their Ukrainian roots, and maintain contacts with family in Ukraine. It is a heritage that remains unbroken, whether born in the Ukraine or U.S.

One artist born in the U.S. was literally schooled in Ukrainian culture, further embedding her appreciation of her mother’s homeland. As a child Tanya Debarry was an infant when her father died in a car accident. Her widowed Ukrainian mother moved from New York to New Jersey in order to live within a Ukrainian community, which for Debarry included going to Ukrainian language school weekly and participating in Ukrainian events of all kinds.

The show is curated by The Stewart Shield, whose mission is to support education and the arts through private funding.

The Montclair Public Library Art Gallery is providing the space pro bono. For further information, contact D. Stewart: 973-202-0385.

The artists are:

Melanka Coppola

FB: @madebymelanka
Instagram: @madebymelanka

Tanya Debarry

FB: @tdebarry
Instagram: @tdebarry

Natalie Napoleon

FB: @natalienapoleonphotog
Instagram: @natalie.napoleon
Pinterest: @napoleonnatalie

Ivan Bratko
FB: @ivanbratkoart

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