Recklessly Delicious: Montclair Bread Becomes Rabble Rise Doughnuts

Montclair, NJ – When Rachel Wyman says less is more, she means it. For a baker, that means fewer ingredients, less inventory, keeping big flavors, and finding more time. For the owner of Montclair Bread, time to spend a weekend away with family once in a while is the more she realized is right for her, her family, and her bakery team. Enter RABBLE RISE DOUGHNUTS, the latest iteration of Wyman’s take on giving her customers “recklessly delicious” treats. 

The Rabble Rise brand will take over both current stores – Montclair Bread Company and Gunkin’ Doughnuts, New Paltz. The menu will be replicated across both locations with a conveniently streamlined and user-friendly online ordering system. Wyman, the Rabble Rise owner and Chief Doughnut Officer, explains, “I’ve baked bread, innovated with bread and developed bread recipes for most of my career – and indeed life. But the pandemic gave me time to reflect. And I realized that my heart had been stolen by doughnuts. They allow me to flex my creativity, innovate, scale up and expand.”

Rabble Rise will offer:

  • Streamlined online ordering 
  • Indoor and outdoor seating 
  • DIY  ‘Naked Doughnut Kits’ for nationwide shipping
  • Local and doughnut inspired merchandise
  • Nationwide wholesale for naked doughnuts and tri-state wholesale for dressed
  • Hosted and catered events
The “Naked Doughnut Kits” will be available to ship nationwide.

This is no small adjustment for the faithful Montclair Bread Co. lovers in Montclair, but what seems like radical change is really streamlined access to favorites. Special holiday orders will still be available, and the 5k Doughnut Run will continue (2022 registration opens June 3rd). While the ingredients used will be lessened from over 350 to fewer than two dozen, a lot can be made with just the basics. A variety of muffins, the yum buns, breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and coffee will still be mainstays. And not to worry — their divine sourdough bread will also be available to order. A major bonus is the ability to ship the doughnut kits to friends and family nationwide. 

What’s one thing Wyman will miss from the Montclair Bread menu? The ancient grain bread. Thankfully, the recipe is in Wyman’s Will Run for Doughnuts cookbook so we can all try our hand at a loaf or two. Wyman acknowledges, “I know change is hard, especially when you feel an emotional connection. I really hope Montclair will embrace this change with me because everyone in both of our bakeries has put a tremendous amount of effort into this project, and we are all incredibly excited to show it off.”

Rachel Wyman, Rabble Rise owner and Chief Doughnut Officer

Both locations will have more indoor and outdoor space, which Wyman looks forward to using for hosted events and allowing customers to sit-down and enjoy their orders. Her favorite doughnuts? “I’m a glazed girl – pure & simple. But, it’s strawberry season which means the Strawberry Shortcake is back on the menu; it has to be my all time favorite flavor!” Hopefully, Wyman will have more time to relax with a glazed doughnut or two as she leans into her focus on quality and production and lets go of coordination of events and specials. 

The Montclair team will be hosting a Rabble Riot launch party on Saturday, May 21, 12.00-2.00pm. Everybody is welcome!

You can find out more about Rabble Rise at

Please contact with any questions.

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